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    • RSS Embassy of Lithuania in the Hellenic Republic will not accept visa applications as from 22nd of December Added2019.12.20

      Please be informed that as of 22 December 2019, due to rearrangements in the organization of performance of consular functions, the Embassy of the Republic of Lithuania in the Hellenic Republic will not receive and examine applications for Schengen or national visas.

      The third-country nationals legally residing in Greece or Cyprus should consult the Migration Office of the country of residence with regard to all matters relating to travel within the Schengen area.

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    • 73217207_10217785939138508_4101874624457867264_nMatulionis_Gioulekas.jpg First Deputy Chancellor of the Government of Lithuania visits Athens Added2019.10.30

      During the visit in Athens on the 29-30 of October, the First Deputy Chancellor of the Government of Lithuania, Mr. Deividas Matulionis, met with the Deputy Prime Minister of the Hellenic Republic Mr. Panagiotis Pikrammenos, the Chairman of the Parliamentary Committee on National Defense/Foreign Affairs of the Hellenic Parliament Mr. Konstantinios Gkioulekas and the Secretary General of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs o the Hellenic Republic  Mr. Themistocles Demiris to discuss means to boost Greek-Lithuanian bilateral relations and future cooperation. The Ambassador of Lithuania to the Hellenic Republic Mr. Rolandas Kačinskas accompanied Mr. Matulionis during the meetings.

      Additionally, Mr. Deividas Matulionis participated at the High level 4th EU-ARAB World Summit held in the Megaro of Athens as a guest speaker where he delivered a presentation on Energy security challenges.

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    • 2019 10 01 su Kipro prezidentu nr 2.jpg Ambassador Kačinskas visited Cyprus and Albania Added2019.10.16
    • DSC_9201.jpg Keeping community spirit alive, third annual Lithuanian gathering hosted in Parnitha near Athens Added2019.10.16

      The third meeting of Lithuanian Communities in Greece and Cyprus took place in Parnitha district near Athens on 12-13 of October, with over 90 Lithuanian community members from Athens, Patras, Cyprus, Crete and guests from Lithuania. The meeting was organized by the Council of the Lithuanian Community in Greece in cooperation with the Embassy of the Republic of Lithuania to the Hellenic Republic, supported by the Lithuanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

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    • 2019 09 16 Baltijos kelias 1.jpg The Baltic Way remembered in Athens Added2019.09.17

      On the 16th of September, Lithuanian, Latvian and Estionian embassies in Greece jointly celebrated the 30th anniversary of the Baltic Way.

    • Rolandas Kacinskas 2017.jpg Ambassador on business opportunities with Greece: Greece and Lithuania can offer to each other much more than feta cheese and tourists Added2019.08.26

      In view of the first Greek business delegation to Lithuania,  Ambassador Rolandas Kačinskas gave interview to the Newsletter of Hellenic Federation of Enterprises about business opportunities with Greece.

      How important is economic diplomacy in global affairs? What is Lithuania’s approach?

      Economic diplomacy has always been an important and integral part of diplomacy, and its significance has grown even more recently. I can think of two reasons for this tendency: first, the acceleration of globalization processes, and secondly, the blurred border between foreign and domestic politics. In the first case, the globalization has made the power in international relations to move from the political and military space to the economic one, and in the second case, the changing nature of diplomacy have raised citizens' demands for diplomacy and from diplomats, requiring them to contribute to the issues of economic prosperity and welfare of the society. These two trends influence Lithuania's approach to economic diplomacy accordingly. Lithuania’s diplomacy is tasked today to be an active and creative one in helping the country to integrate into the global structures, in particular by ensuring transport connectivity, energy independence, and rule based trade. It is also expected to focus on country promotion, new market openings, investment attraction and last, but not least, building bridges with different countries, in this case –between Lithuania and Greece.

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    • Το ΟΧΙ των λαών της ΒΑΛΤΙΚΗΣ.jpg The Baltic people’s "OXI” Added2019.08.21

      In the run-up to the thirty year anniversary of the Baltic Way, one of the largest Greek daily newspapers, “To VIMA”, published an article by Lithuanian Ambassador to Greece, Rolandas Kacinskas, reminding Greek people about the incredible and courageous Baltic states’ path to freedom.

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